Why Smithville: How One Woman Found Her Dream Home


A dream home is more of a marketing term than a reality, except for entrepreneur Jennifer Salvage who found hers three homes later after a long search and several hurdles.

Now nestled in the forest and field encircled city of Smithville, ON just next to Grimsby, Jennifer is living not just in her dream home, but in her dream city.

Stepping Stones Home

"When I walk through this area, it feels like it's out of a movie," she said. "You know those movies where it's one of those perfect neighborhoods where everything is landscaped and everyone walks around and says 'hi' to everybody and is walking their dogs with their kids playing outside? That's what this community is."




How She Knew What She Wanted

Jen Salvage Kids Helping Workers

From a 3 storey two bedroom home to her second move into a spacious but poorly laid out 1800+ sq. ft. home in Hamilton, Jennifer Salvage found out what she wanted out of a home through experience. It had to have a great layout and space accommodating guests, hosting clients, and also having space for her kids to be involved around the house - just like how her two sons enjoy helping with everything from cooking food to helping the neighborhood workers landscape the community!

 Then Jennifer toured the residences of Smithville On The Twenty. "It fit my dreams. It was a Phelps Home, and it was a bungalow with a loft. The main floor had the master bedroom and ensuite. And then the upstairs had another living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom," said Jennifer. "I could visualize growing up with the kids, and when they're teenagers they and their friends can go upstairs while we still have our area."

With the more recent Smithville community of Stepping Stones, Jennifer finally had the layout she wanted, in the city she wanted - all near her family nearby.

Stepping Stones Smithville Townhomes

Natural Beauty, Amenities, and a Dream Home at Last

Jen Salvage Home 9

Now the owner of custom lifecasting & jewelry business WP Creations Grimsby, Jennifer gets to run her own business while being with family and enjoying natural escarpment beauty in her neighborhood.

"...the view going up and doing [the escarpment], the drive, my view every single night is just a gorgeous sunset. I can't believe I actually live here. I love it."

While giving out flyers for her business in her neighborhood, or even waiting for a local bus, Jennifer is frequently greeted with a friendly "oh hi! Welcome to the neighborhood, you must be new here!"

Nearby amenities, including the best-in-class school across the street, make life easy. "The school is phenomenal, that was another reason why we wanted to sell [our previous home] as well," says Jennifer. She went on to praise the massive gym facilities at the school, their use of technology in education, and locating the classrooms for each grade level in a way that makes sense.


The rural nature of Smithville doesn't bother Jennifer. Niagara region born and raised, she appreciates "being away from all the craziness, all the busy rush hustle-bustle. It's a lot slower, there's not a whole lot of traffic. I think it will eventually build up a little bit...but it's just such a beautiful area and being close to family is a bonus.

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Jennifer Salvage of WP Creations Grimsby can be contacted at https://wpcreations.com/locations/grimsby/

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Images provided Courtesy of Jen Salvage