Why Everyone Is Moving To Grimsby

Don't be surprised to hear that Grimsby is one of the Niagara region's best kept secrets.

A 2018 report by Canadian finance magazine, MoneySense, puts Grimsby in the top 100 cities to live in in Canada out of a list of 415, right at spot 83. The list places neighbouring cities Niagara-on-the-Lake at 107, Hamilton, at 163, and West Lincoln at 364.

In Ontario, Grimsby ranks at number 38 of 150.

The report, as featured in Niagara This Week, is based on weighted categories such as economy, crime, culture, amenities, commuting, and affordability.

So how did Grimsby do so well? Here a few of the reasons people are moving to Grimsby.

  • Weather - Grimsby is known for its mild climate.
  • Arts & Culture - If it isn't the art galleries, it's the prevalence of a culture of volunteerism and a variety of hiking and biking paths in and around the cosy yet vibrant downtown core - home of the Grimsby Farmers Market.
  • Economy - Low unemployment, a solid real estate market, and high household income make the city stable and safe for those looking to invest in a future.
  • Commuting - An active citizenry and a bike-friendly culture permeates Grimsby, while a GO station and the nearby QEW allow for quick access to the GTA and surrounding areas.
  • Healthcare - A state of the art hospital and a high working population of doctors and health professionals help keep Grimsby a healthy city for all ages.

Grimsby might not be such a well kept secret for long. Take a look at our carefree Legacy community in Grimsby to see how to make it your own!

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