Each season comes with it's signature scents. Whether you prefer candles, diffusers, wall plugs, or room sprays- use these perfect scents to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of each season.



Spring marks the transition from staying inside keeping warm to strolling outside and enjoying the changing weather. Bring the Spring inside to celebrate the disappearance of the frost and the reappearance of your colourful perennials!

If you prefer:

Floral: opt for scents featuring lavender, peonies, roses, or cherry blossoms
Fresh: opt for scents featuring eucalyptus, sage, or notes of fresh rain
Clean: opt for scents featuring lemon, notes of fresh linen, or notes of freesia



As four wise women once said, "Vacation- all I ever wanted!"

Summer means sunshine all the time, beach trips, long days, and cool nights. If Summer is your favourite season, it means a) you get a tan instead of a burn, and b) you love cooling down with delicious summer cocktails. Well lucky for you, you can achieve the 'scents of Summer' while relaxing at home.

If you prefer:

Fruity: opt for scents featuring peach, pineapple, coconut, or watermelon
opt for scents featuring cucumber melon, grapefruit, or notes of ocean air
opt for scents featuring lime, orange, or notes of white linen



Ahh, Autumn. The season of layering and cooler temperatures. Sure, the days are a wee bit short but that just means you can curl up with a good book (or your latest Netflix binge), a glass of wine, and a scent that wraps you in a warm hug.

If you prefer:

Sweet: opt for scents featuring pumpkin, apple, caramel, or vanilla
opt for scents featuring fig, vanilla, or jasmine
Clean: opt for scents featuring eucalyptus, mint, or blood orange



No one can deny that the world is a beautiful place after a fresh snowfall - if you're looking at it through a window in your toasty home. But we have to admit, hot cocoa or an apple cider taste best after spending the day shovelling or building a snowman.

If you prefer:

Warm: opt for scents featuring apple spice, cranberries, cinnamon, or ginger
opt for scents featuring frankincense, sage, or cedar
Clean: opt for scents featuring pine, peppermint, vanilla, or sandalwood