Whether you're house-hunting or working on updating your current residence, it's important to keep an eye on the important parts of your home and when they are required to be updated.

Your roof, your deck, and your appliances are things that cannot be left uncared for. Wondering how long you have until they have to be fixed or replaced?

Your Roof

Asphalt Shingles
The usual go-to due to low cost and ease of installation, an asphalt shingle roof is also fire resistant, easy to repair, and available in many colours. The usual life expectancy for this roof material is 20 years.

Clay Tiles
A beautiful, elevated style that comes in many colours and is also fireproof! Clay tiles are very heavy which could require additional roof framing, but they are easy to maintain and very durable. The usual life expectancy is 30 years.

Composite Shingle
This type of roofing can replicate the appearance of slate or tile roofing, while remaining closer in cost to more common asphalt or wood shingle materials. The usual life expectancy is 25 years.

Metal Panel
Metal shingles are much lighter than most other materials and are very resistant to adverse weather, including shedding snow very well which reduces the risk of collapse. When properly installed and maintained, metal roofs can last 30 years or more.

Wood Shingles/Shakes
This material is also very popular due to its aesthetic appearance and life expectancy. When properly installed and maintained, wood roofs can last 25 years.

If you start to notice any of these issues with your roof, it may be time to replace it:

  • Cracked or curled shingles
  • Bald asphalt shingles
  • Moss growth
  • Water damaged areas on the ceiling or the walls.
  • Stained rafters in the attic
  • Damage around chimneys and vents


Your Deck

Cedar Decks
One of the most popular woods used in decking, cedar retains less moisture than other woods which makes it highly resistant to rot and decay. It needs to be cleaned and sealed yearly to maintain the original colouring of the wood and also requires consistent maintenance in terms of checking that all the hardware is tightened or replaced when necessary. With the best care, cedar decks can last 25 to 40 years.

Pressure-Treated Wood Decks
Pressure-treated wood is highly resistant to rot and insect activity due to the chemical preservatives that are pressed into the wood’s grains using high-pressure treatment methods. While this technique can be done to a variety of wood species, the best results come from using the best wood- like pine. Depending on the wood used, your pressure treated deck could last from 20 to 50 years.

Composite Decks
If you’re interested in having a low maintenance deck that lasts a while, composite decks are made from a combination of plastic and wood materials and are resistant to rotting, splitting and warping, moisture, and insect damage. THey also come with UV protection, making them either fade resistant or fade evenly over time. With minimum care, these decks will last a minimum of 25 years.

Kingsway Decks

Your Appliances

Each appliance has an average life expectancy that you can use as an indication of when to replace it. The best way to help your appliance age well and have a long, healthy life is to perform regular maintenance and have it checked periodically by an appliance repair expert.

Of the major appliances in a home, gas range stoves have the longest life expectancy of 15 years. Electric stoves, washers and dryers, and refrigerators can last approximately 13 years, whereas you can expect your dishwasher to last up to 9 years.



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