You may be wondering- who (or what) is Tarion?

Tarion is the is a non-profit, private corporation that protects the rights of new home buyers and regulates new home vendors and builders to ensure we meet a province-wide standard of technical competence. All of this enhances fairness and confidence in Ontario’s new home building industry.

Tarion has provided new home warranty protection to more than two million Ontario homes for over 40 years; serving both new home buyers and new home owners. Almost every new home in the province is covered by a new home warranty (which lasts up to seven years), and this protection is provided by Ontario’s builders and backed by Tarion.

Even more so, Tarion provides homeowners with countless resources to make the process of researching, purchasing your home, and handling your warranties even easier.

We've listed some resources below, and be sure to visit Tarion's website if you're looking for something specific!

Homeowner Information Package For Condominiums

This document is where you’ll find all you need to know about your home’s statutory warranties, the responsibilities of both you and your builder, and how Tarion handles statutory warranty claims.
Learn more and download the Homeowner Info Package


Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist

Before you move into your home, you’ll participate in a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) with your builder. The PDI is your first chance to walk through your new home. This is where you’ll have an opportunity to learn about how things work and how to properly maintain them, where they are located, and you’ll be able to identify anything that is damaged, missing, or incomplete.
Learn more and download the PDI Checklist


Video Resources

Wondering how to use your home's HVAC and HRV? Looking for helpful do's and don't's when it comes to your home's grading? Maybe you've noticed some colour variation in items throughout your home. Tarion's video resources can help you navigate new home ownership.

Your New Home: HVAC and HRV
Your New Home: Lot Grading
Your New Home: Colour Variation


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