Spec Homes: What You Need To Know

You've probably heard of a quick-close home before, but they also go by the name of "Spec Homes" and are known for being an option for the buyer who wants a brand new home they can put the finishing touches on, but without having to wait for the build to be finished.

What's a Spec Home?

Stepping StonesSpec Homes, also referred to as quick-close homes, are new homes that are being built without a current buyer for them. At Phelps Homes, our spec homes are very near to completion and often only need minor flooring and paint touches. They are also called quick-close homes to emphasize the benefit of buyers being able to move into a spec home within 90 days or less.

What are the benefits of a Spec Home?

  • Brand new build: Not only do you not have to worry about how well previous owners took care of the home, the new build comes with an accompanying guarantee for any damage and builder defects.
  • Quick-Close: Buyers of a Spec Home can move in within 90 days or less. No need to wait a year or more for your home to be ready.
  • See it before you buy it: Because the home is already nearing completion, you'll be able to see the quality of the build before the home is built, not just afterwards.
  • Customization: With most standard features underway, there's still the option to make decor selections to put your own personal touches on your home.
  • 10 Day Cancellation Window: Once your deposit is down, you still have a 10 day period to cool off and review your agreement. If don't feel satisfied, you can cancel without losing your deposit.

Where can I find a Spec Home?

Granite Spec HomeWe have several Spec Homes available in our two-storey townhome Stepping Stones community in Smithville, Ontario from the low $400s.

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