When you hear the word Renaissance, what comes to mind first?

The Mona Lisa? The invention of the printing press? Perhaps the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I?

                 italian-renaissance-art-definition-3                    gutenberg-press1

Well when WE hear Renaissance, we think Smithville.


Defined as 'a revival or renewed interest in something', there's no better way to explain what is currently happening in West Lincoln.

Smithville like you've never seen it

With a brand new elementary school and a stunning new West Lincoln Area & Community Centre - which includes a new library branch, walking tracks, a skate park, splash pad, and wellness centre - you don't have to dream of small-town living anymore; it can all be yours.

All the wonderful things about living in a small town, like the slower pace of life, the lack of lines and traffic, and inhaling fresh, clean country air.

Plus, who could say no to being surrounded by this:


In the heart of Smithville

Our Stepping Stones community that lets you have it all:

Don't take our word for it! Read what one resident has to say about calling Smithville and Stepping Stones home.

Come home to a generously sized two-storey Craftsman-inspired townhome built with our trademark quality. With prices in the mid-$400s - and featuring 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, single car garage, and a current incentive package of a finished basement with walkout to backyard - this is a step you can afford to take.

Thinking about investing in Smithville for your first home? Learn about the CMHC's First Time Home Buyer's Incentive and how it can help you!

We think Mona Lisa would've loved it here, too.