We all know how stressful it is to move; and with busy daily schedules, it can sometimes take a while to really get to know your neighbours.

We've listed below 10 great ways to welcome new people to your neighbourhood so you can quickly go from yelling 'hello!' in the driveway to borrowing a cup of sugar, morning coffees, and game nights.

1. Bring them a baked good

Wouldn't you love if someone showed up at your front door with cookies, or brownies, or bread? It may sound very old school, but a simple 'hello' and a tasty gesture is a great way to make a friend. It is important to keep dietary restrictions and allergies in mind- if you decide to bake something, add a small ingredients list so they are aware of everything that's in it!


2. Exchange contact information

Let them know you're just a phone call (or a couple of footsteps) away! If one of you is away on vacation, it's always a comforting thought to have someone you can count on.

3. Treat them to a local specialty

If you're unsure about making something, you can't go wrong with a treat (or gift certificate) to a local hot spot that provides dietary options! Whether they're new to the area or have lived nearby, supporting local cafes and restaurants is always a good idea.


4. Give them a package of local take-out menus

Similar to treating them to a local specialty, a package of take-out menus (that can deliver) is a great opportunity to give them the night off from cooking while they move.

5. Put together a list of your local favorites

Cafes, restaurants, parks- wherever you like to go in your city, share that information! Even if they're aware of the locations, they'll appreciate the thought that went into making sure they have an easy transition.
*Bonus: If they have a dog, let them know where the nearest dog park is or the perfect walking trails!

6. Invite them over

A casual dinner party is a great way to get to know your neighbours, and quickly! Make sure you let them get a little bit settled and work with them to pick a date where you're both available. Don't forget to ask about allergies or dietary restrictions, and let them know prior to the evening what you'll be cooking. 


7. Bring a bottle of wine

Another simple but effective gesture to welcome someone to your neighbourhood! This is a great opportunity to get them a bottle of your favourite local wine.

9. Assemble a traditional housewarming basket

The first step to making the perfect housewarming basket is deciding on a theme. Morning coffee? Movie Night? Relaxing night in? House necessities? Local goodies?
No matter which theme you decide on, it's important to make sure everything in the basket works together. That way, they don't have to improvise or purchase additional items to use with what you've given them.

10. Welcome them with a plant

A plant that adds warmth and beauty to their home but is typically low maintenance is the perfect housewarming gift. Bonsai trees, succulents, orchids are among the most popular plants to give to a new neighbour. 

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