Whether you're participating in virtual learning at home or having your child attend school, the first day is *literally* around the corner.

If ending last school year with virtual learning (and even working from home) has taught us anything, it's that structure is important. A designated space provides a much more productive environment than setting up shop at the dining room table, on the couch, or on the deck; especially if you're working at home at the same time.

As an adult, we've learned tips and tricks to get through a lack of motivation or writer's block but kiddos may have a harder time doing so. 

Here a few ideas for setting up a productive virtual learning space in your home (that can also help you stay on track with work):

Optimal Workspace

A desk or table, lighting, and comfortable seating are key to getting through the day. Make sure the desk/table your child is using is - in the words of Goldilocks - just right and the chair is proportionate to their size with support to help them stay comfy all day long. If limited or no overhead lighting is in the space, set up a desk lamp to ease the strain of the screen on their eyes and increase visibility once the days start getting shorter.


Organization is Key

Transform a wall into an ideal workspace with desks and shelves to help you organize homework, notebooks, and assignments. If you have more than one child learning at home, designate a desk and shelf for each one to keep it sorted. Make sure a plug is nearby to ensure they don't need to leave the space to charge up.


In the Heart of the Action

Create one productivity zone in your home. A space where your child is learning and you are working- not only does it allow you to answer any questions they may have during their school day, but you can also make sure they are keeping up and it can become a joint effort to work through the day.


Day by Day

It may seem routine to have an agenda for your child/children to get through their days, but a large, visible calendar with a colour assigned to each person can help to keep an eye on everyone's work load and requirements with ease.


A Back-Up Area

We all have those days. Set up a comfy spot for break time or as an alternate learning space to switch up the daily routine. Make sure lighting and a plug is still available to ensure they can enjoy themselves while tackling the day.



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