We are all finding ourselves home a little bit more these days- and while you should take the opportunity to a) create a balance between working (from home) and your free time, or b) get some outstanding projects done while not going crazy- this is a great opportunity to refresh your space with the items you already have. (Plus, we're all probably watching more HGTV than usual.)

First things first- if you are working from home, it's important that you properly set up your workspace. A good workspace is a productive workspace, and we may need that extra help to be productive right now!

Here are some tips to properly feng shui your office or workspace:
(Here's how you can feng shui your bedroom, too!)

  • Position your desk so that you are facing the entrance of your office or workspace, if possible.
  • While facing the entrance is good, do not place your desk in line with the door but instead to the left or right of it.
  • For irregularly shaped rooms, jutting pillars, or boring walls, consider placing mirrors, plants, or paintings.
  • Design your office space with a balance of yin and yang in mind- a mix of colours, shapes, and textures.
  • Make sure you have proper lighting.
  • Make sure you have comfortable seating and enough desk space to avoid untidiness.
  • Increase the air quality in your workspace by adding air-purifying plants to the setting.
  • Eliminate any clutter in your space.


Now that your temporary office is good to go, you can shift your focus back to redecorating other rooms in your home.

Switch up your furniture layout

When a room is set up, it tends to stay that way. For a long time. Try moving your couch to a different wall, using your favourite accent chair to re-vamp a relaxing nook, or even re-arranging the TV set-up! You don't have to make many changes to bring some new life into the space.

Bring out the fancy dinnerware

No time like the present to add a bit of extra pep to your dinners. Make every day a special occasion with your finest china, wine glasses, and silverware. And while you're not using your 'every day' dishes, now is the perfect time to re-arrange your kitchen cabinets and drawers. (Does your Tupperware also multiply?)

Re-arrange your bookshelves

If you're an avid reader or always re-reading your favourites, arrange your shelves in alphabetical order to minimize the search for that familiar title. If you want to give your shelf an aesthetic update, try something fun such as arranging by colour or adding plants and knickknacks amongst the books!

Swap out some art

If you have a gallery wall or featured photos throughout your home, print out some new ones for a temporary change! Spring is the perfect time to welcome the outdoors in with bright, floral designs, or look for fun, motivational graphics for your workspace that will work perfectly in your frames.



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