How To Host A Stress Free Home For The Holidays

Hosting on the holidays should be easier, and Phelps Homes is here to help.

If you've just downsized to a bungalow, how do you make the most of the space in your home that's just right for you, but maybe a little cozy for a gaggle of guests?

What if you've just moved in to your first home and just couldn't find the time to decorate?

No worries. Whether you're decking the halls with cheer or having a Festivus for the rest of us and ordering Chinese food, here are some quick tips to make the holidays easier. 

When There's Not Enough Space

Phelps Homes Holiday Tips

Having a Holiday Open House is the new trend for limited space, or if your family is spread out over the holidays across several families and cities worth of dinners and events.

Prepare several small dishes ahead of time instead of one large affair, and give your guests a rough time frame when they can stop by throughout the day.

They'll appreciate you being flexible, and you'll be able to spend a more intimate yet relaxed block of time with them - without them having to worry about stuffing yet another massive dinner and putting on a show of being hungry.

Don't Feel Like Decorating? Don't Worry.

There's no need for excessive decorating if you don't have the time. Go for minimalist touches that still show pride of home ownership. A bowl of vintage decorations as a table centerpiece can add a personal touch, and so too can a Peanuts-style mini tree picked up on the cheap and lightly decorated. For the outside, a simple wreath or festive bow on the door will do.

Bowl of Ornaments

Bathroom Basics: Set it & Forget It

Whether you have a fancy double vanity bathroom or a minimalist walk in shower, kitting out your bathroom for your guests requires a few often overlooked steps beyond just wiping down the countertops, mirror, and faucets

Set out some extra toilet paper and a plunger near the toilet to spare your guests the trouble of awkwardly asking you.

On the countertop, be sure to hide your toiletries and medicine, leaving out spare hand towels for guests.

Better Kitchen Without Chemistry

Does your kitchen have the perfect amount of space for you, but not enough for your whole party? Breakfast bars, a signature touch in all of our homes. Use the breakfast bar for setting out a buffet style array of dishes, encouraging your guests to enter your kitchen in an organized fashion before they congregate at the table or disseminate around your central hosting space.

Too many guests lingering in the kitchen! Delegate! Guests love to help, and setting them to work clearing plates, putting on a music playlist, or passing out hors d'oeuvres makes them feel welcome and helpful.

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De-Stress With Your Hidden Room: Your Community

You've salted your walkway, used benches & spare rooms to store coats, and yet you still can't catch a moment of peace.

No worries! Clear some physical and mental space for you and your guests by inviting guests on a short walk around the neighbourhood to make the stuffing feel less stuffing. They'll appreciate the break, and so will you! 

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