New year, new design trends!

Some things are classic and never go out of style, whereas others .. well, sometimes you change your mind. And fast.

Luckily, these home trends predicted for this year are timeless design choices we can get behind!

Focal Point Fireplaces

A fireplace normally receives some attention in a room- but these fireplaces command the attention with bold designs, patterned tile, modern colours, or complementary build-ins.

BLOG_Design Trends_Fireplace2

Photo credit: HGTV Canada


Canopy Beds

Looking for drama but with a bit more subtlety? Subtle drama?

Enter canopy beds- and not the canopy beds of the past! The classic, minimalist style still allows the room to feel open but can be used to enhance whichever theme you've chosen for your bedroom.

BLOG_Design Trends_Canopy Bed

                                                                             Photo credit: DigsDigs


Soft Design Choices

And we're not talking about extra cushy chairs. (Although ..)

Pastels, soft floral prints, and more dainty options are being chosen to create an airy, comfortable environment. It's all about using subtle tones like blush, millennial pink, bronze, taupe, and other light pink shades as neutrals.

BLOG_Design Trends_Feminine



That's right. Velvet has been making a comeback and 2020 is predicted as the year that it stays back! Available in both bold and subtle (as subtle as velvet can be) colours, this provides an elevated seating experience in whichever room is lucky enough to feature it. 

Thinking about making baby steps into your velvet future? Start with some fun throw pillows.

BLOG_Design Trends_Velvet Couch

                                                                Photo credit: The Brick Warehouse


Black Accents

Contrast seems to be a large trend for 2020, and we're loving it! Nothing says 'contrast' like black and white. Using black accents creates a very sleek look that you can continue in any room throughout your home. (Plus, fingerprints won't be as noticeable. Win, win!)

BLOG_Design Trends_Black Accents

Photo credit: HGTV Canada


Our design consultants can't wait to work with you every step of the way while you build your home, to ensure it is both a reflection of you and timeless.



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