Your coffee table is a very prominent piece in your home. How you decorate it and use it throughout your day can reflect your personality. Curious to see what your coffee table says about you?

Featured books & magazines

You like to spend your free time or wind down with a good book- whether it's a new release or one of your favourite classics. You also appreciate a good conversation starter!

Scented candles & house plants

You like your home to feel natural and cozy. Your table is tidy from other clutter, but is artfully decorated with the perfect scents for the season and a little greenery. You want to be able to unwind in your multi-purpose space. 


Decor accents

You have a big, diverse personality and you like to collect things. Whether you swap out the trinkets or your favourites are constantly on display, you want your coffee table to be a reflection of you. It is the centrepiece in your living room.

Coasters vs no coasters

If you are never seen without a coaster under your glass, you’re a planner. You think a lot about the future and you like to take care of your things. If you use a coaster when you remember to but usually, it's nowhere to be seen, you still care about your things - you just tend to fix an issue rather than preventing it. You're more of a spontaneous person and you live in the moment.

Always spotless

You like to be prepared for anything (like unexpected company), and you think that everything has it's place. You’re a minimalist and your organized coffee table helps tie the room together.

Always messy

You’re a creative person and your focus is normally on other things. You tend to get caught up in doing projects and going on adventures, and you just don’t have time to worry about whether or not there are crumbs or dust on the table. You may or may not tidy before company comes over, or do a bit of a 'refresh' of the table once in a while.

Clean top & messy underneath/drawers

The perfect mix of ready for company but not overly organized. You're a creative person that likes organized chaos, so you prefer your home to look cozy and lived-in.



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