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How To Host A Stress Free Home For The Holidays

Hosting on the holidays should be easier, and Phelps Homes is here to help.

If you've just downsized to a bungalow, how do you make the most of the space in your home that's just right for you, but maybe a little cozy for a gaggle of guests?

What if you've just moved in to your first home and just couldn't find the time to decorate?

No worries. Whether you're decking the halls with cheer or having a Festivus for the rest of us and ordering Chinese food, here are some quick tips to make the holidays easier. 

Why Smithville: How One Woman Found Her Dream Home


Spec Homes: What You Need To Know

You've probably heard of a quick-close home before, but they also go by the name of "Spec Homes" and are known for being an option for the buyer who wants a brand new home they can put the finishing touches on, but without having to wait for the build to be finished.

What You Need To Know: Legacy Phase 3 Launch

 When we set out to build an upscale community of one and two storey homes in 2017, right in our hometown of Grimsby, we wanted it to be something special. With so many good reasons to move to Grimsby with all its amenities and local charm, we're pleased to share with you the details about Phase 3 in our Legacy community.