When working within a budget, it's important to focus on item and upgrade costs to ensure you stay within it. But just because you have a budget, doesn't mean you have to compromise your vision! 

A lot of upgrades that are available to our purchasers are more budget-friendly than they think. And while we love the reaction when we are the bearer of good news, sometimes it helps to know ahead of time that these items are affordable AND worth it!

We've identified 8 of our most popular and budget-friendly upgrades below. How many of these would you love to have in your home?

Bathroom Upgrades


The chic look of large shower/bath tiles doesn't have to come with a chic price tag. Upgrade your tiles to 12x24 (or even larger) for a sleek design.

Ambiente Loop white 30x60

Photo courtesy of: Olympia Tile, 'Loop' Series

Glass Shower Shelf

Storage, but make it nice. Keep your shower space feeling open while giving yourself a place to rest your necessities. (Even if it's your phone or a glass of wine.)

2848 King St Lincoln ON L0R-large-016-014-aaa19-1500x1000-72dpi

Bathroom Vanity Drawers

A standard vanity may come with the typical doors, but why not take more advantage of the space and upgrade to add a bank of three drawers?

2848 King St Lincoln ON L0R-large-015-016-aaa20-1500x1000-72dpi-1

Kitchen Upgrades

Level 1 Classic Tile

Elevating your kitchen with a traditional 3x6 subway tile backsplash will not only make clean-up easier (some of us are messy cooks), but will also add a wow-factor to your space.

anatolia tile_soho_upgrades

Photo courtesy of: Anatolia Tile + Stone, 'Soho' Series

From Tile to Vinyl

Upgrade your kitchen floor from vinyl to vinyl flooring! Vinyl is a low maintenance, extremely durable option for your space as dropping dishes or cookware (some of us may be clumsy cooks, too) won't damage the flooring.

2848 King St Lincoln ON L0R-large-034-037-aaa30-1500x1000-72dpi

Trendy Hardware

Sometimes it's hard to stay current with kitchen and home design trends, but we're hoping this trend stays around for a while. Black hardware and accents in the kitchen have made a big comeback- huge. Clean lines up the 'chic' factor, while the black offers a nice contrast to a lighter kitchen and space.

Kitchen Cabinets

Crown Molding

Want to elevate the look of your kitchen cabinets? Upgrade to add crown molding to the top to add height (which will make the ceiling look even higher) and drama. Adding molding will give your cabinets a 'complete' look.


Additional Upgrades

Electrical Outlets

Don't underestimate the importance of outlets. Not only is it budget-friendly to customize your location, style, or or number of outlets, but it's also worth it! Choose where you store your home vacuuming system, or where to plug in your trusty coffee maker.



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