Top Design Trends for 2019

Emerging trends from the end of 2018 might have you switching to mustard yellow colours and natural greenery in 2019. The Pinterest 100 showcased the latest trends that are set to inspire design choices for home decor in 2019.

Here's our take on what's set to change spaces in your dream home.

Geometric Wall Murals

It's time to refresh that wall and liven up the room! Add some playful yet elegantly captivating colour to your walls. "Geometric Paint," as it's tagged on Pinterest, is on the rise for adding some artsy leading lines to otherwise unadorned spaces.

Geometric Wall Paint

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Cactus Arrangements

If decorating the walls isn't your thing, it's time to celebrate spaces with cute and tasteful arrangements of cacti, large and small. They're resilient plants perfect for busy schedules while still benefiting from mindful attention.

Cactus arrangement

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Contemporary Fireplaces

The more elegant and modern the fireplace, the better. If indoor arrangements of cacti have you wishing there was more literal warmth in your home, there's plenty of inspiration for the modern take on a fireplace. Oh, and have you ever considered an outdoor fireplace? See a community in Grimsby where homes come standard with outdoor gas hookups already!

Outdoor modern fireplace

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Mustard Yellow

Not the most appealing sounding colour at face value, this subdued classic colour pairs with blues, greens, and more to create a striking look. Like many of the design trends on Pinterest, it's equal parts nostalgic and contemporary.

Mustard yellow couch with blue wall

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Bold Print Wallpaper

Bright prints, for spaces small and large, avoid the patterns of old that look like something off of an old couch. New patterns can make a wall look like a painted mural or a tropical paradise depending on the atmosphere you're looking to bring to a room.

Bold Print Wallpaper Bathroom

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Textile Art & Yarn

Whether it's on the wall, the bed, or the floor, textured touches to decorating are set to come back. Searches for textile art on Pinterest are up a whopping 1718%, showing a resurgence of appreciation for an olde fashioned way to freshen up a space with the authenticity of that handmade look. 


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Vertical Gardens & Natural Pools

Chlorine free pools and gardens that don't take up space in the backyard soil are both refreshing contemporary ways to turn your backyard into a paradise. While most of us don't have the space to put a living wall in our homes like the college campuses and tech companies that popularized the movement, there are tons of easy kits available to turn even the smallest backyard fence or lattice wall into a fresh greenspace.1dde9ce9f4f7da4108223d7f5ddcf6d0

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How To Bring Home Design Ideas to Life

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