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    An introduction to Merritton and Merritton Commons

    Tara SmithNov 4, 2016 12:29:32 PM

    With our recent announcement of the opening of our sales centre for our new Merritton Commons community in St. Catharines, at 26 Oakdale Avenue, we wanted to introduce you to Merritton - The Heart of St. Catharines.


    • Merrittonitself is both a distinct community within and a council ward of the city of Catharines, and was amalgamated into St. Catharines in 1961.
    • Merritton currently has approximately 15,500 registered voters;
    • Merritton boundaries include Jacobson Ave., Highway 406 and Geneva St. in the west; the QEW and Eastchester Ave. in the north; Welland Canal and Glendale Ave. in the east and St. David's Rd. in the south.
    • Merritton was named afterWilliam Hamilton Merritt, a prominent local entrepreneur and founder of the Welland Canal Until 1858, Merritton was named Welland City, but exchanged names that year with Merrittsville (Today's Welland City), when that town became the "seat" of Welland county.
    • As a former industrial center on the Welland Canal, Merritton retains a small yet impressive number of heritage sites. Among them are the Merritton Tunnel (under the third Welland Canal), remnants of the three previous Welland Canals and several early industrial ruins, and The Keg restaurant, which is housed in the former Independent Rubber Company / Merritton Cotton Mills Annex. The area has undergone a major infrastructure facelift involving the re-alignment of Glendale Avenue and the replacement of the Merritt Street Bridge.

    Merritton has a great sense of community and is home to numerous organizations and activities that support the neighborhood. These include the Merritton Lions, who oversee the Community Days Parade (formerly known as the Labour Day parade) and Carnival, the Dunc Schooley Memorial Pool, and several other sports and recreation facilities. It is also home to three of St. Catharines' arenas, and a Community Centre.


    From comes this list of points of interest in Merritton:

    1. The Pen Center
    2. Victoria Lawn Cemetery
    3. Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame
    4. Welland Canals Centre Lock 3
    5. Catharines Museum
    6. Centennial Gardens
    7. Garden City Municipal Golf Course
    8. Gatorade Garden City Complex
    9. Merritton Lions Park
    10. Centennial Arena & Merritton Lions Club
    11. Second Welland Canal Heritage Area
    12. General Motors Canada
    13. Blue Ghost Tunnel


    To learn more about Merritton visit or Wikipedia



    Merritton Commons

    Register now to get on the VIP launch list at and learn more about the 6 attached bungalows and 37 bungalow towns to be built in this upcoming area with easy access to restaurants, bus routes, and shops.

    To learn more about Merritton Commons visit:




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